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What people say …

The Star, Malaysia (Sunday, August 17, 2008)
"... laughing can uplift one’s spirit and relieve stress."

The Star, Malaysia (Friday, October 8, 2004)
"... many of the entries would touch a funny nerve with a majority of the population."

Seniors Aloud

Dolly Ng, Adelaide, Australia
"It's really hilarious ... I just couldn't help but to laugh until my vision got blurred from my 'laughter tears' ..."

Mark K. Jones, Penang, Malaysia
"I was presented with your book, 'Laughter, The Best Malaysian' as a Christmas gift. I have just finished it and I am totally dry of tears. The book had me in stitches for the most part and many a times I had to read the jokes out loud to my family members for TOTAL enjoyment."

Victor Wong, Singapore
"... thank you for giving us such a good book ... attracted by the cover ... decided to read and I must say that I felt refreshed ..."

Philip Emmanuel, Klang, Malaysia
"... I'm having a good laugh here. Think it's great! Laughed like mad ..."

Emily Tan, Auckland, New Zealand
"Can I buy another copy for a friend? I dare not lend him mine in case he doesn't return it!"

Book review by Agape Newspaper, Malaysia
"Laughter, the Best Malaysian is an endearing legacy to our unique Malaysian lifestyle and idiosyncrasies. It puts across in clean, good humour what it means to be Malaysian ..."

Jit, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
"It's warm. It's good-natured. It's funny."

Vinna Lee, Johore Bahru, Malaysia
"A wonderful book - very local, very funny."

Miza, Klang, Malaysia
"Very kelakar la. I almost finish reading book. U tau tak that I read it until midnight tau? I feel rugi if I'm not finish it. I memang enjoy reading your book and I know people out there also will like it."

Mevilyn Verano, The Philippines
"... the book is funny, witty and true to life ... I like the book. Hope there are more to come ..."

Joseph Chong Ten Soon, USJ, Malaysia
"Enjoyed reading your first book! Thank you for an amazing book. Hope to grab your second book, He Who LAUGHS, Lasts! ASAP."